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Advanced Probiotic

  • Our unique, custom blend of prebiotics and probiotics can help support gut health and immune function.
    • 4.4 billion CFU (define) per serving
    • Delayed release capsules
    • 15 mg prebiotics
    • Lab tested
    • Non-GMO

The Mighty Microbiome

The more scientists learn about the gut microbiome, or the ecosystem of bacteria in the human digestive tract, the more we appreciate its importance. The microbiome is sometimes considered an additional organ due to the variety of supporting functions it performs for our bodies. Probiotics don’t just support the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions, research has shown that probiotics have a role in the treatment of allergies, diabetes, metabolic disorders, respiratory infections, gum disease, and depression. We also include prebiotics, which are essentially food for the beneficial bacteria that restore balance in your microbiome. The Alaya Naturals Advanced Probiotic helps your immune system—and the rest of you—stay strong.