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Organic Greens Tablets

  • Alaya Natural’s Organic Greens Complex is the simplest possible way to get the nutrition of six to eight cups of organic fruits and vegetables.
    • Blend of 14 organic greens
    • Blend of 14 organic fruits and vegetables
    • Certified USDA orgranic
    • No artificial additives or colors

Greens on the Go

Most of us do our best to eat healthy, but the recommended six to eight cups of organic vegetables and fruits per day? That’s a tall order. Even if you had time to make three fresh meals each day of green vegetables and superfruits, most supermarket produce is farmed in nutrient-poor soil, sprayed with pesticides, and picked off-peak to sit in trucks and on shelves. Getting the nutrition to thrive in your best life is easy with the Alaya Naturals Organic Greens Complex. These easily-absorbed tablets add a quick dose of nature’s best medicine to your diet.