• January 04, 2022 3 min read

    5 Ways to Support Your Natural Skin Cell Turnover Rate for Better Skin

    If we want the healthiest and most youthful glowing skin, we need to look at what is happening in our skin on a cellular level.

    Skin cell turnover is the process of clearing away dead skin cells and replacing them with new skin cells. This process takes place all over your body with different types of cells, as the body is constantly repairing and regenerating itself.

    By the time we’re 50, the cell turnover rate in our bodies can take 6x longer than when we were 18! So to keep our skin cells youthful and glowing, there are a few things we can do to assist our body’s natural skin turnover rate.


    Since part of the natural skin cell turnover process includes clearing away dead skin cells, we can assist our bodies in clearing away these cells through exfoliation.

    Exfoliation includes physical exfoliation (scrubs and dry brushes), as well as chemical exfoliation (BHA and AHA - acids that chemically break down cell bonds so that they shed in a more consistent pattern).

    As you can imagine, exfoliation can be overdone, and it really only serves one part of the cell turnover process: clearing. It’s important to pair exfoliation with one of the more nourishing tips below to have a balanced and effective skin turnover process.


    The cells throughout our body are 70% water, so when we want healthy, glowing, and youthful new skin cells, hydration is critical. Not only does being hydrated assist in creating healthy new cells during the turnover cycle, but it also helps your body clear away the old cellular debris so it’s not left to clog your pores or create other skin conditions like acne.

    Healthy Skin Diet

    We are what we eat, and our skin is the place we see this the most. In addition to eating a healthy, vitamin-rich diet, adding a fish oil supplement is a natural way to give your body the fuel it needs for healthy skin regeneration. The Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in fish are natural anti-inflammatory agents that have been proven to help the body heal faster.

    In the skin cell turnover process, a neutralized inflammatory response helps create soft, healthy, and youthful skin.

    Balanced Gut Health

    A healthy digestive system allows your body to pull the most amount of nutrients from the foods or supplements you ingest, and deliver those nutrients to healthy new cells. When the system is imbalanced or inflamed, you might not be getting all the nutrients your cells need for the turnover process.

    To restore its natural balance, supplements like this Advanced Synbiotic include a combination of essential elements your gut needs for optimal health. With a healthy gut, you’ll see the anti-inflammatory results, as well as give your cells a clear highway to receive fresh nutrients.

    A Good Night’s Sleep

    Beauty sleep is a real thing. Especially when you factor in skin cell turnover whose prime hours of operation are between 10pm and 4am. Getting a full night’s sleep consistently helps your body repair and replace more cells which is evident with literally younger skin.


    Bottom line: as you get older, it's super important to consider what you can do to help your skin turn over its cells. You'll end up with glowing skin, and who wouldn't like that?