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Spirulina 500mg

  • Packed with nutrients, this blue-green algae is a superfood, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and contains both protein and essential fatty acids. Studies show spirulina supports the immune system, heart health, brain health, and may also increase energy.
    • Grown in California
    • Source of phycocyanin
    • Gluten free
    • Lab tested
    • Non-GMO

Super Spirulina

A blue-green cyanobacteria, or algae, spirulina was consumed by Aztecs and has been touted by scientists as a potential outer-space meal replacement because it is so packed with nutrients. But spirulina has unique properties even among superfoods. For example, one study showed that spirulina decreases both the spread of the flu and the risk of death from flu viruses. Furthermore, when consumed with a probiotic, both the spirulina and the probiotic are more effective. As a final advantage, spirulina is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than almost any other source of nutrition, requiring minimal land and resources to produce. It might be the super-est superfood of them all.

Customer Reviews

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I LOVE this supplement!! I dont like the taste of Spirulina so I love that these are in pill form and my energy levels have definitely increased!


Love knowing that I am getting such a high quality product that can only help optimize my health and well being. Thank you for providing such a great supplement !

Great quality

This spirulina is a great addition to my green shake every day. I open the capsule, sprinkle it in, and enjoy a nice little energy boost.

Great quality!

I love this spirulina! Great quality and great price.

Going broke buying new clothes!

Super Spirulina was one of the ingredients I have added create the new me. I used Shaklee's life shake and vitamins combined with Alaya's Super Spirulina every morning in my drink, I shed over 70 lbs in 6-1/2 months. Back to my fighting weight!!!