Grass Fed Whey

  • Build fat-burning muscle with one of the cleanest, most nutrient-dense protein sources available.
    • Hormone-free, grass-fed cows
    • No artificial sweeteners or flavors
    • Gluten free & soy free
    • Non-GMO

Whey Simplified

Our cells, organs, and systems are built with protein, and they need protein to function properly. When you ask more of your body in strenuous workouts, supplementing with protein helps you build lean muscle mass, burn fat, and recover quicker. Whey works so well because it has a high concentration of protein’s building blocks, essential amino acids, that are easily absorbed and used by the body. Research also suggests that consuming essential amino acids in whey is more effective than taking isolated amino acids, meaning that other nutrients in whey—especially grass-fed whey—work together to deliver more benefit to your muscles.

How to Use

Mix one scoop of Alaya Naturals’ Grass-Fed Whey Protein with 12 to 16 ounces of water, milk, milk alternative, or smoothie. Lightly sweetened with a mild vanilla flavor, it pairs well with your favorite beverages. Whey protein bulletproof latte? We don’t see why not. For best results, mix in a shaker bottle or blender.

Visit our recipes section for fresh ideas and tasty smoothies to mix with our Organic Whey Protein.

Customer Reviews

Based on 302 reviews
C. (Alden, US)

I love the protein kick added to my daily eating.

CD (Alden, US)

Mixes nicely with Greek yogurt and fruit.

Philo14 (Roswell, US)
Love the hint of vanilla

I used to consume plant based protein powder but I changed to whey as I found the whey to have a better impact on my recovery after working out. I like this version because of the hint of vanilla it has. It pairs well with the banana, strawberries, and avocado that I add to the shake.

Trish C (Phoenix, US)
Easy to use!

Very good tasting and easy to mix. Smooth on the stomach !

Edith M Arencibia (Phoenix, US)

Best smooth flavor. Easy to blend and light taste. Luv it 💓