• Vitamin D3 + K2

    This little capsule is a powerhouse, packed with 5,000IU of D3, 15mcg of K2, and 50mcg of K to give your daily health routine a big boost. We've focused on both potency and convenience—each single vegetarian capsule delivers a substantial yet carefully measured amount of D3, K2, and K. This precise formulation ensures that you receive an effective dosage in just a single serving, making it a straightforward addition to your daily health regimen.

    Sunshine & Strength

    Benefits: Taking a combined D3+K2 supplement can offer several health benefits that are crucial for overall well-being, as these two nutrients work synergistically in the body to support: *

    • Bone Health
    • Heart and Vascular Health
    • Immune System Function
    • Muscle Function
    • Dental Health
    • Mood Regulation and Mental Health

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    J.R. (Akron, US)
    Just what I need!

    Perfect mix of D3 & K2!

    SavyJ (San Jose, US)
    Manage stress, lower cortisol, absorb vitamin D

    I've been taking this supplement for three months and it has helped me manage stress, and lower cortisol all while taking vitamin D the correct way. So glad I came across Alaya! All their products are third-party tested using clean ingredients. Loving every product. Thank you, Alaya!!

    Regina Mc (New Albany, US)
    Never disappoint!

    Never disappointed with any product that i gotta from Alaya, needed to get extra vitamin D in my daily routine so of course went straight to Alaya.

    TLR (Burlington, US)

    Love this product and all other supplements that I order.

    Angie DeNamur (Trussville, US)
    Great product!