• December 20, 2022 3 min read

    It’s that time of year again. As we wrap up 2022, millions of people are creating new personal goals to make 2023 their best year yet. However, less than 10% of them will actually make their New Year’s resolutions stick.

    So how can you gain access to this group of minority achievers this year? Here are five ways to make your resolutions stick…for good.

    5 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

    1. Make it Manageable

    Ambitious goals are inspiring, motivating, and empowering…until they’re not. The truth is big goals that are a significant departure from your current life are the goals we abandon the quickest.

    That’s not to say you shouldn’t reach for the stars (because you absolutely can reach those stars!), but try breaking up your goals into smaller, more manageable objectives.

    For example, if you want to have a healthier lifestyle and improve your cardio, don’t make a resolution to walk or run for an hour a day just yet. Try just making a commitment to walk or run five times a week for whatever amount of time you can. Once you develop the practice of yor cardio routine, then you can add another time-based goal to further you along your journey.

    2. Create a Backup Plan

    Not only do you need a plan to break up larger goals, but you’ll need a plan for when you’re just not feeling it. 

    Build into your New Year’s resolution plan things that you can do when you feel like giving up on your resolution. If you’re working to cut back on smoking or drinking, this might mean calling a friend or going for a walk when you’re feeling tempted. Or if you’re trying to build a daily meditation practice but the day has gotten away from you, have a quick guided meditation on queue so you can fit in a few mindful breaths before you fall asleep.

    Having a plan keeps you from trying to find a solution at the moment when things might already feel overwhelming. 

    3. Be Consistent

    The best way to keep a New Year’s resolution is to make it a daily habit. Try to incorporate your New Year’s resolution into your daily routine at the same time or after the same activity to build a consistent habit.

    Once you’ve built a habit, you can keep building from there!

    4. Find a Partner

    Sharing your New Year’s resolution journey with someone else can really help them stick. Find a workout buddy, meal-prepping friend, or sober confidant to take the journey with you and keep you accountable.

    If your New Year’s resolution is more of a solo expedition, tell a trusted friend and tell them you’d like to check in with them regularly to help keep your resolution on track. Having someone you trust cheering you on can make all the difference on those more challenging days.

    5. Celebrate Responsibly

    Milestones are worth celebrating! When you’ve accomplished a significant milestone in your New Year’s resolution journey, take a moment to celebrate—just make sure to celebrate appropriately, too. 

    Try to avoid counterproductive rewards such as celebrating your sobriety milestone with drinks or treating yourself to the buffet after reaching your balanced diet goals. Instead, find ways to reward and celebrate your accomplishment without undoing your hard work. 

    Maybe after reaching your cardio goals, you treat yourself to a weekend getaway with a picture-perfect hike you weren’t able to do before. Or, for staying within your budget, you might buy one special item rather than going on a shopping spree.

    Making Your 2023 Resolutions Stick

    Whatever your goals for this coming year, keep these five tips handy and be prepared to celebrate your success. This year just might be your best year yet!