• January 09, 2023 2 min read

    Three ways to make every weekend feel like a holiday.

    Whether you’re back at the office, working from home, or a fortunate 4-day work week type, the weekend never feels quite long enough. Maybe the weekends fly by with nonstop social engagements and no time to do the laundry until late Sunday night. Maybe you’re the overly ambitious type with a list of things to do that never seems to get done. Or perhaps you started a new show Saturday morning, and suddenly your Monday alarm was ringing.

    When you’re waking up each Monday morning wondering where the weekend went, try these three tips to help make your weekend feel longer.

    How to Maximize Your Weekend (And Make It Feel Longer!)

    1. Plan Ahead

    Don’t spend your weekend hours trying to coordinate plans on group threads or search for “Fun things to do this weekend.” Your weekend time is best spent doing rather than planning.

    Make plans throughout the week of how you’d like to spend your time, even if it’s just starting a new book or going to the farmers market in the morning. Adding a little structure to your weekend routine helps you spend your time with more intention and allows you to be more present in each activity rather than wondering what you’re going to do next all weekend long.

    2. Distance Yourself from Work and Chores

    Ideally, work would stay in the office Monday through Friday, and all the household chores would be completed daily. If that describes you, great! Keep your weekend free of work and chores completely!

    Sometimes, weekend work or house chores are inevitable during the weekend, but it’s essential to give yourself time to rest and recharge before starting another week. If you must do work or chores, schedule a bracket of time to devote to that project and avoid letting responsibilities infiltrate your weekend hours. Do as much as you can within that bracket of time and once it’s complete, turn off work notifications and put away the to-do list for the rest of the weekend.

    3. Stay Balanced

    Going out with friends or seeing family might be your way of recharging after a long work week, but don’t forget to make time for rest as well. For those who like to Netflix and chill to let their brain rest on the weekend, be sure to incorporate some time away from the screens, too.

    Too much of any one kind of activity could leave us wondering where our time went over the weekend. That’s why keeping our weekend schedule balanced with social/rest time, screen/non-screen time, or project time/fun time can make your two days off feel like a three-day weekend.

    The Ultimate Secret to Making Every Weekend Feel Longer

    The ultimate secret of making your weekends feel longer? Be present. Create a weekend filled with intention, and choose to be present in each moment. Whether you spend your time quietly recharging by yourself or out with planned activities, you’ll find more satisfaction and fulfillment in any weekend you spend being present.