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Based on 876 reviews
Great addition to my morning coffee!

I started using this back in August after hearing Jillian Michaels recommend it on her podcast. It dissolves well and doesn't add any bad taste to my coffee.

Multi Collagen
Love it

Really noticed a difference. Would definitely recommend. Put in my coffee every morning. Dissolves easily!

The Best!!

I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds of collagen and this one is far above the others! No need to ever try another one! This is the one I’ll be sticking with forever! It has no taste. I add it to my coffee or water. I’ve noticed a difference in my hair and skin after just a few weeks. The products all have shipped very fast too!! Everything I’ve tried from this company has been EXCELLENT!! Can’t say enough great things! Do yourself a favor and order now!!

Noticeable improvement!

This collagen powder is better than any I have tried, glucosamine and Chondroitin and huge plus- will be re ordering !!

Great Product !!

In love

I combine this with the Super greens in 12oz of water. I have NOT noticed a change in taste AT ALL from the super greens. I can tell that my nails are growing stronger than EVER. I've always had brittle fingernails and now that I'm a nurse and wash my hands a bazillion times a day they used to break so easily! I am so excited to have beautiful long, strong nails! I can also tell a huge difference in my skin! I am an acne-prone late 20's year old and super embarrassed to say that I still suffer from acne. The redness from up and coming acne subsided by the end of the first week consistently taking the collagen product every day once a day. I cannot say enough good things about Alaya's Collagen. Super impressed and am now a committed lifelong customer!

Krill Oil

Awesome product! No fishy burps :) Have already bought this twice. My new go to Omega.

Pretty sure this is working!

I've been taking the biotin capsules - one a day for the past couple of months - and I have definitely noticed the need to trim my nails a lot more often and they do seem stronger. My hair also seems a little thicker. I will continue to use this product. No side effects.

Great way to start the day!

I've been enjoying the superfood smoothies for a few months now and it's a great way to start my day. I tried the chocolate and mixed berry and decided I like the berry flavor better. I mix in a blender with almond milk, half a banana, and a small scoop of vanilla favored protein powder to give it a little more thickness and flavor. I'd give it 5 stars if the price was more affordable.

Simple boost

I love the Green Superfood. I work 10 to 14 hour days on my horse farm and this gives me a mid morning energy boost while filling in any little nutrition gaps created by eating on the run. I think the flavor is fine on days when I need to quickly mix it with water. I generally combine it with the Multi-collagen and some berries and that keeps my energy up through the late morning and afternoon slumps. I highly recommend.


I’ve used two other collagen powders from well known companies and this is the product I’ll be using from now on. This collagen mixes easily into warm liquids. It takes a little longer in cold liquids but it will combine with vigorous stirring. It has no odor and, unlike the other popular multi-collagen I tried, it gave me no digestive discomfort or facial breakouts. Bonus points for the added glucosamine and chondroitin. I run a farm in Maine with 27 horses, it’s winter and my body feels fantastic. I use this supplement daily mixed with the Green Superfood and some fruit and my energy levels are great all day.

So Far So Good!

I have only been using this product about a month. I admit I was skeptical but I have noticed some slight changes in my skin and hair in this short period. I plan to give it 3 full months and see if I continue to see good results.

Super greens

Definitely see a boost in my mid day slump w the addition of this! I add to a smoothie & I’m good to go.

Collagen is 2 thumbs up

I see a huge difference in my hair and my stylist confirms it!

Excellent product!

I've tried many different fish oil products, and all of them seem to stick in my throat. This product doesn't do that! The coating on the outside makes it easy to swallow, and digest. No fishy taste.

Krill Oil

This is the ONLY Omega supplement that I've taken that does not give me an upset stomach and "fishy burps" after. The vanilla scent is intoxicating! LOVE IT!!

Tastes GREAT!

I have tried MANY green blends, and this is definitely one of the better tasting ones. It is a great addition to my morning smoothie and gives me a nice energy boost to start my day. Plus, it has been keeping me regular with the addition of probiotics.

LOVE this collagen!

This is such a great addition to my morning smoothie! I especially love that MSM, Glucosamine & Chondroitin is added to the blend. I really feel the difference in my joints!

Amazing product!

I have been using Alaya Naturals collagen for about 3 months now. I put it in my coffee every morning. It's flavorless and I don't notice it at all. My skin, hair, and nails have all benefited from it! My skin is glowing! Thank you for this high quality, amazing collagen. You just got a customer for life!

I love it!

I’ve been using it for 2 months now and my hair and skin are amazing!

Love this product definitely would buy it again


I like to have this in my coffee every morning. It has no taste at all. I haven’t seen any dramatic change in my skin but I do think I have a “glow” since I’ve been using it.

Very good

This is one of my favorite protein powders. The vanilla flavor is just enough to have with
unsweetened almond milk and taste great. Low calories. High Protein.

Best out there!

I am a huge fan of adding multi collagen to my smoothies in the morning. It is a great addition that does not interfere with the taste. I was using a different brand before Alaya and it upset my stomach. I have no stomach ache with this collagen. I will not go back.

Good product

When I first started the greens it was a little tough. The flavor grows on you. I prefer little more water with the mixture, makes it better and not so thick. I would buy again.