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Multi Collagen
Jules (Bowling Green, US)

Great product, and I can already see results with my joints and my nails! Thank you!

Organic Green Superblend
MJ (Chowchilla, US)
Giving it a try

At first I was worried after ordering it that it was going to have a lot of caffeine and be like drinking an energy drink. I contacted customer service and they assured me it wasn’t like that and the caffeine was minimal.

I got the Berry flavor and at first it certainly was it tasty to me. I kind of like it now. I ordered two more containers of it. I do feel like it gave me a little more energy but not crazy. I believe it has helped with the digestion process too.

Fish Oil (EPA)
Nicole Lehman (Rochester, US)
Love this product!

I’ve tried so many fish oils and this has been my favorite. Will not buy anything else.

Organic Green Superblend
Rachel Pielach (Temecula, US)
Plain unsweetened

I chose the unsweetened flavor because I do not do with with the sweeteners. I have had no stomach issues. Love all the organic ingredients. I mix it in water and drink it fast. I will continue to order it.

Multi Collagen Capsules
J Barias (New York, US)
Truly works

Results to see muscle recovery, hair, nail & skin resilience shows . I’m converting to Powder for quick results

Multi Collagen
Christie Kohn (Atlanta, US)
Awesome product!!

I see the difference already! It has only been 3 weeks and I can see a huge difference in my hair and nails!

Multi Collagen
Jessica Cortez (Denver, US)
Incredible results—Incredible product

As a woman that loves having luscious hair and ridiculously strong healthy nails, collagen is a must for me. This is the only option I’ve found that includes msm, glucosamine and chondroitin. It wasn’t until I ran out of my first bottle how much I realized this helped. All of my joint pain was gone and I felt pain again a week or so after I stopped taking it. Now after several months use, my nails went from a bad nail job that caused one to break in the middle of my nail bed, the rest paper thin, my nails might as well be sharpened bone—SUPER strong and healthy. Also, no return joint pain after weeks of discontinued use and I’ve got my aunt and mother in law on it as well just because I know how much it will help them. I have cleaned up my health a lot recently but my skin is radiant and my hair is extra shiny and way healthier than it had been before. Thank you Alaya Naturals for a wonderful product at an affordable price (sorry guys I always buy in bulk on sales!). It’s lovely to spend my money on such a quality product. I’ve been shopping online at least 20 years now and I feel like if anyone can find the best of the best.. it’s me.

Multi Collagen
Judith Hurley
Very happy

After only taking Alaya Naturals collagen, I have noticed a big difference in my hair, skin and nails. My hair has much more substance. It feels softer, as most recently, it was very brittle. I’ll be taking this collagen for many years to come! Thank you!

Multi Collagen
Kelli Stephens (Fort Wayne, US)
Excellent product

Almost done with my first month and I’ve noticed a difference in my nails and my joints aren’t as stiff

Multi Collagen
LJ Bonanno (Bay Shore, US)
It works

I’ve been using multi collagen for 3 months now. My hair has stopped falling out and is growing along with my eyelashes… take with c and magnesium to increase Maxximum results

Spirulina 500mg
Becki Rundels (Melbourne, US)
Helped aome

Husband said it has helped him feel more energy

Multi Collagen
Becki Rundels (Melbourne, US)
Joint pain relief

I started massage school and was having back shoulder and hip pain. This totally helps reduce my pain!

Multi Collagen
Karen S (Richmond, US)
Great product!

Top quality ingredients; very affordable price; best combination of multiple collagen types - a welcome win, win, win!!! Bonuses: dissolves easily; unflavored can be added to any drink. Thank you Alaya Naturals!!!

Multi Collagen
Joan Lego (Bloomington, US)

Simply the best!

Multi Collagen
Lauren Ruhl (Harleysville, US)
Great Product!

I'm in love with the collagen powder! I think it's really helped my nails a lot. Much stronger and overall feeling and looking better too!

Multi Collagen
paige (Island Park, US)

Love it ! Notice such a difference in my skin and hair

Multi Collagen
Aging Granny (Jensen Beach, US)
Love it

I've been using for about 8 months and love how supple my nails have become and see an improvement in my skin - again more supple. I don't dare stop using it!

Multi Collagen
Scarlett Privara (Orlando, US)
Multi Collagen

I have used the Multi collagen for a few months now and feel that my hair is falling out less and my nails are stronger. I add it to my morning coffee. It’s tasteless and easy to add to any drink.

Multi Collagen
Dawn Mireau (Hudson, US)

I love this product

Grass Fed Whey
Tamara Bacon (Seattle, US)
Like Whipped Cream

Unlike any other protein powder I've had. Really smooth and tastes fabulous! Have a subscription and activating for more today : `)

Multi Collagen
Linda Bagwell (Washington, US)
Best yet

I have tried numerous powders and haven't been able to find one which is consistent and priced well. This powder dissolves in anything. I usually use it in iced coffee in the morning which with a couple seconds of stirring its completed dissolved unlike other powders I've used. I use the unflavored powder which let's me add it to whatever I want to when I take it, which makes it for versatile for me and my uses. I've been using it for almost 2 months and I am already seeing a difference in my skin, hair, nails and joints. The price is right compared to other products. I don't appreciate paying for celebrities to to market a product that drastically declined over the years. This powder is great and i will be buying for years to come as long as it stays the same.

Organic Green Superblend
Ali Rex (Atlanta, US)
Tastes good

Any flavor is yummy. Works well.

Multi Collagen
Francesca Trefry (Gloucester, US)
Incredible hair growth

I’ve had incredible hair growth and my skin looks amazing all thanks to this product.

Multi Collagen
Alma Sigala (Union City, US)
Great product!!!

I have used this product for a month and my nails are strong and not brittle. Love that there is no after taste. Will definitely continue using.

Shelley Kilpatrick
Loving all my products!

Love my Turmeric! It helps with my pain in my joints very well.