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Finished one jar of Alaya. I did see a difference in my nails. They use to break very easily and grew in layers. The cuticles look so much healthier! I would use one scoop in my coffee daily. Love the way it dissolved so easily and no taste. Decided to try a different brand that I found online...not a good choice. Will be reordering Alaya again soon!

Multi Collagen

This product is tasteless and dissolves easily in my coffee. I completely recommend it!

Multi Collagen
Good product

I’m almost through with my first jar and I’m starting to notice a different with my hair. I’d like to see more differences in my skin texture and nails. I’m going to try another jar.

No taste

I love this powder. I have tried several and this one dissolves right away and leaves no taste. I put it in my coffee everyday

Just what I NEEDED!!!!!

I stand on marble floors for eight plus hours days. I worked in FREEZERS for years and have had physical labor jobs that eventually catch up with you in your 40's!!!!!!!! I was self medicating and taking an EXCESSIVE amount of pain medication daily to take away the pain.... which didn't work and then I started doing some research and discovered this product! I decided why not give this a try?!?! IT'S JUST WHAT I NEEDED TO GET THROUGH MY DAY!!!!! TAKING THIS PRODUCT TOOK THE ACHES AWAY SIGNIFICANTLY!!!!!! NO MORE POPPING PAIN MEDICATION THROUGHOUT MY WORK DAY!!! I'VE ORDERED A FEW TIMES NOW.... AND I MUST TELL YOU TO GIVE IT A TRY!!!! YOU WANT BE DISAPPOINTED!!:):)

Nice product

I'm on my second jar and skin is a bit smoother, nails grow faster and hair seems softer, says my daughter!


Just look at my nails 😀

Quality product

I mix it in my coffee in the morning and it mixes better in hot beverages than cold. It seems to be a great quality supplement! I’ll continue using it to see the results.

Great product!

Compared to other multi collagen products on the market, this one is far more tasteless and dissolves easily. I recommend this product! Thank you!

Easy to use!

I think I need to be on longer to tell if it's working!


I didn't like the fishy smell,I want to return it,thank you

Amazing product!

Has helped my hair grow longer and thicker than it has in years! My skin is extra glows too.

Multi Collagen
Love product

Purchased for my wife. She loves it. Stated that she noticed a difference in nail growth and structure in few weeks. She also noticed her knees are not cracking when walking stairs.

Love this!

I have tried a couple collagen powders and this is my favorite! It dissolves great in coffee or tea, and it is pretty much flavorless. I suffer from some knee pain cause by untreated injuries from my childhood, and this really helps alleviate that pain! I also love and appreciate everything this company stands for, thank you!

Great find!

I live this stuff, feel like I saw a difference in my skin within the first week which is wierd for me because I cant usually tell if anything is working... so I think this is pretty amazing! Add it to my coffee every morning

Love this!

I add this to my smoothie every morning. My skin and overall body feels great! Definitely will continue to uses

Love my greens!

Ordered the chocolate flavor- mix it with some water and a scoop of collagen, my morning daily routine. Love it!

Working for me!

I feel like it is working for me! It’s hard to explain but I can see it on myself.

At first I added it in my tea, and I can taste it. Now I just add a scoop in my coffee every morning and I don’t taste it at all.

Getting ready to place my second order now. Almost finished with my first container now.

Multi Collagen

Great product. Very pleased with noticeable improvements in joints, hair, skin and nails. I will defiantly purchase again.


It’s got everything you need in one little scoop!


Love it!! I feel better since I’ve been using this last month.

Awesome Product

I love this product! I like the taste and consistency!

Great product! I notice a difference in my skin.

Multi Collagen

My nails are growing like crazy

Great product

Great product. No odor or taste and mixes very well with my morning coffee. Will order again.