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Based on 570 reviews
Love this supplement!

Spirulina doesn't have a good taste, so I love the convenience of a pill form! I would rather take a pill than have powder form. Thanks to the TSC Him & Her podcast, I was able to benefit from these supplements for months now :) and this was the first.

Love Turmeric!

I feel so healthy taking this turmeric! Super convenient as I can never eat enough for the benefits.

Great pre/probiotic!

Love this company's supplements! I just wish I didn't have to take 2, but not a big deal :)

Great tasting!

Happy so far

Just finished my1st container.. happy so far. I’m noticing less joint pain. Easy to mix, very subtle taste

Addictive - in a good way

I just LOVE the taste of both the Vanilla and the Chocolate. I like the Vanilla a tad more but alternate my subscription. Finally a product that is good AND tastes good. In addition Alaya always comes up with great promotions !!!!

Happy with purchase

Good product which seems to be one of the more healthy options on the market. I don't like overly sweet products that taste like they'll full of sugar and chemicals .. its not why I'm working out! So I'd recommend.


I love how this blends in with my banana shake I make every morning! It never makes my stomach feel heavy, it digests great!!! Great product, I am subscribed so I get it every month and dont have to worry about running out.

Great in coffee

I am on my second tub and wow I have definitely noticed a difference with my hair and nails. They grow much more quicker than they used to, those were the two things I noticed before my first tub was even finished. I just put a scoop in my coffee every day and that's it you don't even have to think about after that and the magic happens!! I am very pleased with this product.

Pretty good!

I've been using this product for a couple of months. I like that it has protein so I can add it to my coffee in the morning after my workout. I highly suggest mixing this with coffee or a smoothie to mask the taste. At first, I tried drinking a scoop with water and it was absolutely disgusting (fishy taste). I will continue to order this product since the ingredients seem clean and I believe it will help with my skin and muscles.

So far so good

I haven’t been using this collagen for that long. My husband and I were taking bone broth but I wanted something with no taste. This one has no taste and mixes perfectly.

I wanted to get a quality Glucosamine and I am glad I found this one. There are so many products out there that you can go batty trying to find the best one. I love that there are many essential high quality products all at one company that I can have a monthly subscription to. This has made life simpler which is something I need being a homeschooling mom of three kids.

I will never again go without this product

I love this product because it fills in what I am lacking in the greens I need. This has helped me greatly. I have a sensitive stomach when I eat a ton of greens. So for me to get all that I wanted to get in a day it just wasn't happening. So this is a great help and I feel so much better. It also helps me not to get hungry between meals. I like to mix it in cranberry juice or a fruit smoothy. I personally like the plain the best because I don't like sweetened drinks.

I noticed a difference quickly

I noticed a difference in the softness of my skin quickly. I like to take it in chocolate almond or coconut milk added to my protein powder. A great product I have recommended to family and friends.


Great product!

Great protein powder

Great protein powder. Not very tasty but does help build muscle and gives me energy.

Great for morning coffee

I am a listener of the Jillian Michaels podcast. After she recommended this product for hair and skin health, I knew I had to try it. I have gone through two containers of this product and I can honestly say that I think it makes a difference in the way that I feel in the morning. I think having a little extra boost of protein in my coffee along with a healthy breakfast keeps me satisfied longer throughout the day.

Great product use it daily in my smoothie

This collagen mixes super smoothly and has no noticeable taste!! Really recommend!!

Collagen Supplement

I was skeptical at first to try this supplement. My joints, hair, nails, and skin needed a boost and I had nothing to loose. It’s the best supplement to mix with my coffee. I can’t even tell I’m drinking it. My skin, hair, nails look and feel stronger. My joints are also benefiting from it. Highly recommended. Alaya Not only offers the best product but they also offer excellent customer service.

Great Product

Use this every morning in my coffee. Dissolves easily. Have been using it for a month and see a difference in my hair and nails.

Good add to my smoothie

This product has little to no taste and blends well in water, coffee or my morning smoothie. I’ve tried other brands but this is the one I will be using.


Super easy to take and I feel good knowing I'm getting the greens I need. Order came fast too!

Works great in my morning shake

My wife and I use this, it works great in our morning protein shakes. It has no taste and blends great.

Great Addition

This may be TMI but here it goes. I add this to my cereal. It’s been helping me with my digestion issues. The bonus is the berry flavor. So it doesn’t compete with the fruit I add. It’s a nice complimentary flavor.

Love It

I heard about the product on Jillian Michael's podcast and decided to give it a try. So far so good.......
I dissolves better in hot/warm liquid, than it does in cold.