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Easy and affordable

So easy i put a scoop in my coffee or smoothie every morning. My face is cleared i hardly ever use make up, my hair is fantastic. Highly recommend this and im a hairstylist at a busy salon ans recommend to all my clients

Great Collagen!

I have noticed less joint pain and improvement with hair since using this collagen. It is a great addition to my tea and shakes with no taste or texture issues. I love it and highly recommend it.

Great product!

My skin is so much softer and less dry. I can always tell if I miss a day!

Great Collagen Powder

This is a great collagen supplement that blends into smoothies as well as my morning oatmeal. No strange taste and easy to use as a supplement every morning. Highly recommend.


I can't say enough good things about this protein powder. It's not sickeningly sweet and doesn't leave my stomach feeling yucky like the other powders I've tried. Gives me the protein boost I need without a ton of sugar - which is also a huge plus. I'm 57 years old and decided it was time to lose the extra weight - this protein is a major key to my success. No fad diet - just eating lean meats and vegetables, supplemented with this protein - and I'm down 22 lbs since January 1. If you're an average person looking for a healthy way to boost your protein - this is the way to go. Protein powders aren't just for the gym people and body builders!

Multi Collagen
Youthful Glow

What a glow! I began using collagen upon the recommendation of my daughter. Since using the Alaya multi-collagen, my complexion appears smoother and brighter. The addition to my morning coffee makes the daily consumption incredibly easy without any after taste. Getting ready to place my next order!

Great Stuff!

After about three weeks of using Alaya, I got out of bed one morning and realized I had no joint aches or pains. It really has made a difference in how my body feels. It's also improved the look of my fingernails. I was hesitant to try another collagen powder after slugging through the last nasty can I had of a different brand that tasted awful and wouldn't dissolve. Alaya is the complete opposite. It dissolves easily and completely in my coffee with no lumps and no taste. This product is definitely worth the money and I will be ordering more.


I love the multi collagen. It helped my skin so much. I used to get so many red spots all over my face and never knowing why and what to do or take. After around 1 week I noticed so much improvement and now it’s so clear that even my colleagues are asking me what I’m doing for my skin :) . I am planning to order more this week because I’m running out soon! Love it!


I use this every morning in my coffee. I love that this collagen is multi sourced. My hair and nails are healthy, strong and grow at a fast rate! Highly recommend Alaya!

Favorite Collagen

Texture & tasteless-ness make this easy to mix with anything. I effortlessly enjoy in my morning coffee. It took a few weeks but I’ve noticed changes in my skin & hair. I’ve even ordered more & gifted to my daughters.

Great Product!

I am definitely a fan of this product! I added into my smoothie every morning and I definitely see a difference especially with my hair and my nails. I feel as though my hair and nails have been growing faster and stronger ever since I started using this product over a month ago. I highly recommend using this collagen, because it is very easy to add to either coffee, smoothies, yogurt, or cottage cheese. Definitely recommend you try it!

Multi Collagen
Collagen wonders

I’m so glad I found this! I’m no longer experiencing hot flashes. My hair feels healthier and has grown longer. I feel more energetic. I used this daily with my afternoon shake and I love it! Thanks!

What a difference!

I've been using this collagen for only a month now and I can see a huge difference in my nails. They are definitely growing faster and stronger than with any other collagen I've used before. It blends well with my coffee every morning, too!

my #1 product

I use this collagen daily in my coffee. It’s tasteless and because it’s hydrolyzed is dissolves easily, with no clumps.
This is my #1 product I been taking it for 1 month and I love the fact that I can add it to any of my drinks and it's tasteless.

Awesome Probiotic!

I’ve tried many probiotics and this is my favorite so far! Love that it has pre-biotics included!


Not your typical protein shake powder! Very smooth and no gritty feeling in your mouth. I truly enjoy this!

Amazing biotin

After a couple of weeks on this product my nails feel stronger , I had very brital nails. And my hair dresser commented how fast my hair has grown, after was done my first bottle. I know have another bottle on the way. Love this product

Multi Collagen +++

I've been using Alaya Multi Collagen for four + months. My hair, skin and nails are stronger! Due to an increase in health of these areas, I've noted that the other products I use are absorbed better and are more effective. I've recommended Alaya Multi Collagen to my friends!

Krill Oil
Fantastic product!

Love this! It doesn’t smell bad like some other companies and I haven’t had any problems with them splitting or leaking. A++


I started taking because my little sister said what a wonderful job it did regulating her tummy and controlling bloating. I agree. Extra energy is a bonus. I'm placing my second order now.

Feeling better

I noticed a difference (bowels, sleep, mood) almost immediately.


I have tried many collagen powders , and this is the best one of them all!! My skin had never looked better, and my nails and hair are growing like weeds!! Lol . So if your thinking about buying this product and are hesitanting dont , just do it!!

My new daily staple~

Alaya Multi Collagen is incredible! Implementing collagen to my daily wellness regime was new for me and I'm thrilled with the results. After 6 weeks of daily use in my coffee or smoothie ....... my joints are feeling great, my hair and nails are growing like weeds! This product is a game changer. I won't be without Alaya Multi Collagen. Love it!

Does the trick

Adding this to my morning routine helps to give me energy and helps my GI track.

Quality product!

I put in my coffee every morning for a boost! Tasteless and dissolves easily.